31 March 2012

A third promotion on the bounce was  secured by your men’s 1st XI this afternoon. A 5-0 win against Oxford uni left other results meaningless and the journey we started with Soma and the boys a few years back now finds us heading into the National League for the first time since 1996 ?

A Ben Blake short corner at the end was the cherry on the top as ‘Blakey’ is one of a number of players who have played in all of the past seasons on our downs and now ups alongside dynamo skipper Josh Smith and Rob Green standing in between the posts today and Damo put in a shift today as well.

As I write this the Griffins are joining in the celebrations at the clubhouse and I just hope everyone makes it to the annual dinner tonight in one piece.

huge congratulations to our amazing coach Soma and to first team manager Rob Green and course to Josh and all of the boys who have helped along the way.

Now I need a paracetamol before I head off for the dinner.