Mens 1’s v Cambridge City – BOOM !

18 October 2012

Turning Strong

Last weekend saw Richmond take on Cambridge City. Both sides came up this season to join the national league so it was a game that everyone was talking about. Richmond were in high spirits in the warm up with somewhat strange displays of bonding led by Ben Blake. Soma, in an attempt to focus the boys gave some calming words – “Guys, in these moments I often look back to my career in search of some key words or advice. For me the best thing I ever did was grow my tache, therefore if you win by two goals today I will grow it back.” Anyway enough about the warm up and into the game.

Turning Strong

The game started with a rather accurate pass from Pieter Welten and was followed by both teams carefully testing each other looking for an early break. Richmond looked the stronger of the sides having most of the attacking play, although they failed to capaitlise and find the final man. That was until a short corner was awarded on the 18 minute mark. Ben Blake trotted up with all the grace of a Rhino and his flick was well saved by the keeper but the ball bounced out towards new Richmond member Ranjeev Deol. What followed was pretty spectacular; Ranjeev carefully plucked the ball out of the air proceeded to half volley it into the roof of the net. It was one of those moments that would have left Chris Kamara speechless.

Richmond buzzing, from what was surely the goal of the season, carried on applying the pressure. The ball bobbled through to the little tiny Noah Sharples who did some rather fetching skills bouncing the ball everywhere. Noah then continued to run into the D along the baseline completely unsupported by any other Richmond player – all 15 other players, the coach and the 3000 spectators all shouting for Noah to find a foul – Noah fast approaching the goal keeper decided to ignore this, instead opting to flick the ball straight over the goal keeper and into the other side of the goal. I genuinely cannot do this goal justice it was absolutely superb, far better than Ranjeev’s. It was however, totally ruined by one of the most ridiculously camp celebrations ever seen, including a shriek reminiscent of a 15yr old girl at a One Direction concert. Noah was immediately subbed.

At 2-0 Richmond did a total classic and chilled out. This led to Cambridge being awarded three quick short corners on the 25th, 28th and 30th minute marks… all of which were converted – seriously. T’was a little upsetting actually; so much so no I refuse to go into more detail.

Cambridge city, now in the lead, continued to apply pressure led by their overseas player, Dick. Richmond did however begin to find shape with the midfield leading the team forward and putting in some serious yards. Four minutes after Cambridge’s third goal another corner was awarded – to Richmond. With Ben Blake off, the duties fell to Pieter Welten – The big guy stood at the top of the D like a Giant Redwood – injection, stop, Pieter striding in and goal! BOOM (that’s Dutch for ‘tree’ by the way so links nicely to the Redwood reference).

Half Time

Josh Smith led the boys out to battle again with a lot of bum taps. The game was fast becoming about corners, something that Richmond have always been known for. We win most of our games through them…NOT!!! So when Richmond were awarded another ‘shortie’ 3 minutes later we were over the moon. Pieter demanded another attempt at goal claiming that it was his birth right. Again he struck the ball and it flew into the bottom corner.

Following this, and with Richmond now up 4-3, both teams were equally matched but it was again Cambridge causing trouble winning two more short corners. Things didn’t look good – they had scored three from three already. Luckily we have Jonny Mills. Now Jonny Mills, standing on the left post proceeded to swat two balls off the line saving Richmond in the process. Continued pressure led to new keeper, Peter, pulling off yet more great saves including a full stretch dive on the line. Richmond were really pulling together as a team now. Everyone drawing tired with the relentless running were praying for an opening. Cesco Van De Schmit got the ball and made a seriously dynamic run across the front of the goal and played it nicely into the middle of the D. Pieter once again ended up in a goal scoring position, unfortunately he opted to pass the ball and the chance was missed. JOKES – of course he shot and scored – it’s Pieter. (token old photo added below!)

The rest of the game was played out with two things happening – firstly both teams playing well but with Richmond having the upper hand and looking like the more dominant team. Secondly, Pieter walking round telling every single person he passed on the pitch that he had a hat-trick.
The game ended with a final score of 5-3 to Richmond, and absolutely no cards whatsoever at all during the entire game. A great game from the boys and a well-deserved victory all round. Onto the next game against Teddington – ooooo.

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Thanks to Iain Rorison for this match report.