Ladies 1st XI pick up a point a Lewes

24 October 2012

It was a cloudy day when the Ladies 1XI hopped aboard the banter train to ‘Cockshut Road,’ Lewes to try and battle for their first three points of the season. A haphazard start from Lewes saw Bela and Snooks looking dangerous in the D. A short corner was secured in the first ten minutes. Bish Bash Bosh BOOM, Sophy Mills belted the ball into the bottom-left corner of the backboard. The crowd was enthralled. Not only the first goal of the game, but a sneak preview of what can be expected from the Richmond girls this season.

Lewes put the pressure on, but were kept at bay by runs and jabs from Nicola and Pixie. Nonetheless, the pressure was felt as a Lewes player sneakily managed to get past the defence but a good save by the goalie. Lewes looked threatening, won a short-corner, but were disappointed when Ellie ‘nerves of steel’ Powell-Jackson stopped the ball on the line. A sigh of relief. Relief didn’t last long as Lewes managed to score a corner before the second half. Score 1-1.

The second half was intense. Some brilliant balls fired up the right-hand side by Jen Jackson, picked up by Shelley Robinson and Pixie. Richmond were on their way. Corners were given, a particularly strange occurrence when Millsy put her second corner away but a commotion in front of the D meant the umpire didn’t actually see it. The girls battled the will to argue and resumed playing. Ping-pong hockey occurred and within minutes Lewes secured another corner. Their first shot was above the backboard and goal disallowed (despite some baffling querying from Ellie). The game was still open, with solid defence from Uschi and solid attacking from Kate, but it wasn’t to be this week. A disappointing 1-1 draw, but points are points and the will is strong for next weekend at Fortress Hogg. Watch out Basingstoke!