11 November 2012

 Mr Jonathan Seymour continues to work wonder in sorting out umpires for all of us.

DON’T FORGET TO let Jonny know if you want to do some umpiring !

The more volunteers umpiring, the less frequently you will be needed (if there’s enough members volunteering, each may only need to umpire once a month…)

The Club really needs your support to make this work and its all about giving back to club/game for years of being able to play hockey with umpires and don’t forget it also improves own game – giving you a better understanding of rules and why they are in place

We don’t expect you to have qualifications and don’t expect you to come in and umpire the elite games – just about starting at the right level and helping other teams out. We have plenty of people who will be more than happy to “mentor” and support you in your initial steps so get involved and help out your clubmates.