We gave them 5

13 November 2012

Before #briggerstheboy had time to put his jacket on and collect his balls we were 1-0 up with a well worked attack for Katy P to push one passed the new John Lewis snowman goalie from Kenley. That was our clear message that we should be scoring goals in this game.

However, they weren’t too shabby themselves going forward and with some solid defending via Jemma, Nomes, Gemma, Lucy and Spanna in goal we were always looking to hold the lead. Katy decided that our best form of attack was to take out their star player and some back chat from Connie meant that we had a TEAM GREEN ….. A TEAM GREEN !!!!

We continued to push forward and some very static defending from the oppo gave Jess, Lizzy, Katy and me license to roam and push for chances. That said we were a little sloppy in front of goal and did make the goal bigger by missing outside the posts or just generally playing like we had all the time in the world to decide on our shot choices (reverse or slap or hit or flick or…….ooops that will be dick of the day for me then !!)

However, having not practiced short corners at any point pre match it was left to four well worked shorts to score the next four goals –
Goal 2 – top of the D left slip far left post saved Kirsty reverse and Beth poached to score
Goal 3 – top of the D left slip left post off the keeper Kirsty reverse
Goal 4 – top of the D and the Schword unleashed for Lizzy with a defender deflection to goal.

4-0 at half time and they were not very happy. We needed to keep the momentum going and not allow them to bully us off the ball. We were also aware that the umpire was ready to change card colour and put us under pressure. Spanna continued to make some great saves in the second half and thoroughly deserved her Man of the Match. Though overall the defence did brilliantly well and kept calm even when they were a little bit rattled. Our inter play was the best we have seen this season and we looked like a team that had been playing together for a good couple of years.

Goal 5 – top of the D the schword again and Jess sneaking in to put one in the back of the net – a great performance from us all.

There’s so much more to talk about in this game – 15 players wanting to play, hard work, effort, invisible legs, grannies, cards, #briggerstheboy’s ooohs and ahhs sounding like he was making a porn movie, 5 goals and five different scorers.

A well deserved 3 points team 🙂