L1’s v Tedd

6 December 2012


“I’m not telling you to have boring Friday evenings but please be sensible. You all know what that means and I leave that in your hands.”

© Matt Brigden, 2012

And so started our final email of the week from our illustrious stand-in coach.  Oh how his words of wisdom got the competitive juices flowing and never has a team be so fired up.  You could literally cut the excitement with a teaspoon.  We all awoke on Saturday morning pumped and raring to go and eager not to disappoint Coach Brigden by turning up late for our 1015 meet.

1015 arrived and more or less 13 keen hockey players turned up but no sign of our coach.  Where could he be?  Had he been so carried away by drawing out gameplays that he hadn’t noticed the rogue clipboard, slipped and fallen and was now unconscious and would only later be found by paramedics with the ink print of ‘penalty corner number 4’ schmeared across his face?  No dear reader, the excitement of coaching the 1st XI had clearly taken its toll and he had slept in.

Better to get these things out of the way.  A faltering start was not to deter us, however, from gaining 3 points and coming away with a 3-0 victory over the ‘auld enemy’ Teddington.

A strong start from the home team saw us move the ball quickly into their defensive half.  Some strong attacks from Jen saw her linking up nicely with our Skipper down the right hand side.  Our first goal came from Nic in a frantic goal mouth scramble to take the score to 1-0 for Richmond.

Wave after wave of Richmond attack saw Teddington play off the back foot which set the tempers of the visitors flaring.  Non-plussed by these events, Richmond continued to play their own game with Bonny and Ellie P-J deftly averting any danger in our half.

A pass from Aidine in the midfield back to Uschi in defence, saw the gobby Scot dribble single-handedly on her reverse from our own 25 into the oppo 25.  A chip over the stick found Snooks who slotted the ball away to make it 2-0. 

You’ll be pleased, dear reader, that Millsy, our central lynch pin, managed to come away unscathed this week and linked up well with our forwards Lauren, Pixie, Snooks and Nic to ensure that the Teddington defence were always under pressure.

At some point during this dazzling display of hockey, Teddington had a goal disallowed which may well have changed the outcome of the game.  But is was not to be for Teddington on this day.  The hockey Gods favoured the home side and brought them riches and spoils by way of 3 goals, 3 points and chicken curry.

Much to love to Matt for coaching us and for tirelessly shouting encouraging (at least I hope they were encouraging!) words from the sideline.

Welcome back to Bela after a period of rest for a gammy neck

MotM:  Jen – solid

DotD:  Laura for over-celebrating St.Andrews Day on the Friday

Goals:  Nic (2), Snooks (1)

Cards: 1 (green) – Pixie

Team:  Shel (C), Snooks, Pixie, Nic Pop, Bela, Aidine, Millsy, Bonny, Uschi, Ellie P-J, Jen, Lauren, Laura (GK)