Six Pistols

16 February 2015

MATCH REPORT 14 Feb 2015

L6s v Reigate away

So with the prospect of hoards of hot Italian eye candy descending upon South West London, what did the Ladies’ 6s do on Valentines Day morning? They got in the car and drove out to Reigate.  #fine
But we had #payback in mind. The past two games had seen the 6ix Pistols secure 2-1 and 2-0 wins over teams who’d walloped us before the Christmas break. This week was no different. In the home fixture, Reigate had won 5-0, so this was another game where Richmond were looking for #payback. Actually, we were looking for Reena & Charlie, who had disappeared to find coffee, having arrived super early.  #fine.
After a signature solid warm-up, we finally got onto the pitch and went out hard. The pitch was good, the umpires were decisive and both teams wanted the win. For the first 15, we took the game to Reigate, talking well and going for every 50/50 ball. But it was Reigate who drew first blood with a fast break and unfortunate ball getting over the Richmond line. 1-0.
The advance gave the home side the advantage, and they demonstrated some good ball skills and kept possession. But the Pistols weren’t done and kept the pressure on the Reigate D, until a fast break and sneaky slip into the D found the Archbishop’s favourite in her usual firing position, to put away the equaliser from a tight left angle – boom!
As we went into half time, we were clear on our gaps and knew where we needed to focus. However, someone had forgotten the Haribo and we congregated in a lonely goal with no fix. Clearly the deciding factor, the sugar deprivation left us cold, and with the prospect of rain looming overhead, we returned to the pitch with a ‘blank sheet’ mindset – they’re tight, they’re strong, but we want it more. We’re even, it’s level, so clean sheet. We go again.
We reset to our starting formation and went out strong once more. We held them for a further 20 minutes, despite some interesting calls from the sideline, and colourful language from the wing. But once again, Reigate found the first breakthrough and took the lead 2-1.
And there it stayed. We still wanted it. We gave it everything. And even when the final whistle blew, we were ready to fight for 10 minutes more. But alas, the umpire’s whistle was final and the scoreline ended the 6ix Pistols’ pre-Christmas unbeaten run.
The scoreline reflected the closest challenge we’ve had this year, but it still felt unfortunate. We wanted it, we went for it, and we fought for it. So look out Barnes, next week we will REALLY want it more!