RHClubFest 2016

21 August 2016


And so it begins. The official countdown to the start of the 2016/17 Hockey Season has begun. We know everyone is busy trying to increase fitness and purchase tonnes of new kit (which you probably don’t need) but we couldn’t possibly start off the season without good old Clubday aka RHClubfest2016. The general idea is its a massive catch up with existing members after the Summer, but most importantly it’s to welcome/convince/cajole/impress NEW members! The POA for the day is:

1:30pm Pitchside BBQ by Jono.. Beers too
2:00pm Mixed 6s Tourno starts ✔️
4:00pm Tourno done
7:00pm Private party downstairs at Hanger sw6 in Fulham for meat & liquor happy hour until 9pm (241 cocktails and £10 steak & chips)
12:00am someone will make a decision about somewhere

M1 v Teddington

The existing Summer Hockey teams will be in action battling it out for the RHClubfest title, your el captino should be in touch. If you are new or old/didn’t play Summer hockey and need placing on a team, just messenger the Club Facebook account and we’ll sort it for you! 🙂

There is of course a FACEBOOK event page… RHCLUBFEST2016

We know M1s & L1s won’t be able to make it to the Hogg, but we look forward to seeing you ALL in Fulham, be sure to get there before Happy Hour ends @ 9pm

Right that’s it! Enjoy your last few Hockey free Saturdays and we’ll see you all on Sep Sat 3rd at 1:30pm down the Hogg.