Epayments / Subs

5 October 2016


The Club Committee has sought to manage the administrative burden of collecting annual subscriptions across both adult and junior sections which is now a major undertaking with almost 500 junior members each making separate payments for Autumn, Winter and Summer terms as well as dealing with all the adult sides. Traditionally junior annual subs were paid direct to the bank account using a reference number based upon the child’s year group, date of birth etc etc which can be quite a challenge for our Treasurers.

As a result the Club has now started using Fixtures Live ePayments feature which links our player database with a new function to create invoices which are sent out from the Fixtures Live website and allow the Club Member to then pay via Paypal.

From an admin point of view this now means that the Club player database is also populated with real time information on a players membership payment status which is far easier than scrolling down the bank statements on a daily basis and finding homes for hundreds and hundreds of direct bank payments.

There is unfortunately a cost for relieving this admin burden which we set out below in the interests of absolute transparency

  1. Paypal take a fee of 1.4% plus 20p for each transaction – this is the reduced paypal rate applicable to not for profit entities which we successfully applied for over the Summer. It has been a considerable effort to obtain this as the standard rate would have been 3.4% plus 20p per transaction.
  2. Fixtures Live take a fee of 0.75% plus 20p for each transaction.

The effect of this is that a full subscription of £240 will bear an additional admin fee of just over £5.50 and whilst the Committee appreciates that this is not ideal the alternative would be to then engage the services of a part-time bookkeeper which itself would incur a cost to the club and ultimately you, the members.

We think that this updated process will help with the running of your Club particularly at a time when cash flow/receipts is of vital importance.

An initial trial run with the most junior members has proved very successful so the Junior Section are now continuing to send out invoices to the remaining juniors and adult playing members (EXCLUDING VETERANS) will receive invoices in the coming days.

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Denye or Alex Hare directly.