#1Club – Development / Engagement

20 March 2018

A good number of people present at our recent AGM held on Saturday, February 24th expressed positive interest in scheduling a follow up meeting open to all members to find ways to establish a platform to further develop Richmond Hockey Club. The idea being to start with a clean sheet to help move Richmond Hockey forward as a club in an increasingly competitive arena.

A very engaging and healthy debate followed on that March 5th Meeting and last night a further follow up meeting allowed the group to dig further into what “we” are as #1Club and what and where we want to be going forwards.

As part of that discussion the following video (put together by the Dutch Football Federation” proved very insightful – its labelled “Back to Basics” and is a great representations of the challenges / opportunities that exist in creating #1Club.

To give a flavour of the items that have been discussed these are listed below :

· Communication (eg Newsletter, Blogs, Social Media Presence, Website..)

· Community (eg Fun Activities, One Club, Engaging Schools/Councils, Sponsors, Charities, Alumni..)

· Club Identity (eg Family v Professional, Style of Play, Youth / Senior Development..)

· Health (eg Fitness, Food/Drink, Physio..)

· Personal Development (eg Courses, Umpires, Coaching..)

· Membership (eg New Members, Retention, Responsibilities..)

· Thinking Beyond (eg Upcoming World Cup, Indoor Hockey, Tournaments..)

We would hope to circulate an initial document to all our members and parents for review and engagement before the Easter break – so when that hits your inbox please take a moment to read it and we hope that it will resonate with all of you so that we can work together towards a vision of #1Club.

Many thanks