Manager / Coach : Matthew Brigden

Last season saw a fantastic effort from us: the Ladies 1’s, securing promotion was our goal for the season. The combination of the strength of our squad, hard work and a great team spirit lead us to meeting our goal: promotion! Losing one fixture throughout the entire season and scoring 45 goals certainly aided us toward this.

This season we are very excited to be back in the South Division and we will be playing in South 3B. It’s an exciting time for us as we look to build on last season. Welcoming some of our very own “home grown” elite juniors alongside some excellent new members would certainly help us with this! We are a very welcoming side and love to welcome all new recruits. If you’re interested in joining us please get in touch!

As a team we are firm believers that hard work and dedication is needed in order to get winning performances. However, a huge part of winning is about the team spirit – we can safely say that we have this! Last season saw us win the RHC Most Sociable Team: attending all of the club socials, sticking around the after our matches to support our fellow club members and running our own socials have all aided to create a team dynamic. We are looking forward to continuing this, this season!

Our aim this season is to certainly retain our newly found South 3B status and better our performance from last season…..scoring even more and to continue our winning streak! With our strong squad, excellent and professional coaching from Matt Brigden and superb leadership from our captain Ellie Reddiex we definitely have a strong foundation.